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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bad week

So after almost a 4 pound weight loss I took Sunday off to celebrate. Sunday turned to Monday...monday turned to tuesday...My daughter got sick wednesday and had to have oral surgery..Thursday I was tired..blah blah. Now yes Friday I did go and I worked hard. I worked hard because I just was hurt and upset about things in my life. I am to blame for some of them so I beat myself up over them.  I went out to eat twice. Just not an overall good week.  Everything is getting to me. I am not sleeping. I have a bit of insomnia which we all know really hurts weight loss.  TOM is on his way in a few days so I am dreading this weeks weigh in. I will only have two workouts in. Honestly, I know I will have noone to blame but myself.  I know the mistakes I make yet I keep repeating them. Why? Because I like to make everyone happy. I don't even know what makes me happy anymore. I really do not. I really don't even know me.

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