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Friday, April 15, 2011

Insomnia and stress

So they say no news is good news however with a weight loss blog it's not so good.  Stress and this insomnia is kicking my rear. See, I am not one of those persons who HATE to work out. I actually love it BUT (and I KNOW this sounds like an excuse) its hard trying to feel like working out when you are so tired you cannot lift your head.  I slept some the last few nights so I am praying that it is coming to a close.  Getting rid of the dark circles to go away would be fantastic.Next goal, win the lottery! Not a lot just enough to catch up on all my bills and set some money aside for my children and grandson. To anyone who may read this, you should know. It does not take money to lose weight. I am not wealthy. We get by.  However, I refuse to fail this time. This is life and death and I am choosing life.

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