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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weigh in #1

This post may get a little ehhhh TMI for you guys out there so you may want to skip down lol.
Anway last night I felt good ol' TOM coming on so I was nervous about my weigh in this morning.  I know from experience that I can put on a good 3-5 pounds just during that week. I actually ended up weighing in early afternoon because this is my day to be lazy where Lindsey completely takes care of Braiden and Grandma gets to rest (I feel I should clarify, she takes care of him EVERYDAY after school and through the night and on Saturday's as well but this weekend I gave her a bit of a break and let her go on a mini trip with Jared and Friday she went to a movie with a friend after Braiden was asleep) buttt you get the idea of what I am saying.
Well the first time I stepped on the scale I was leaning so I didn't trust the reading so I stepped on again. and....

-4 pounds :)

Let me tell ya I worked hard for those. Next week is TOM week so I am not looking forward to that weigh in but thank god for small miracles.I am so happy and proud.
I am going to enjoy my day off today and get back to it tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who took time to read this.

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  1. You are making good progress Kristy and when I can get back to the gym I will join you as a workout partner if you will let me join this journey with you. I will be working out at Gold's Gym. I guess I could start now with stuff that will not be on my feet like the bike or something. Let me know.