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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weigh in #2

After a very rough week I worked out hard the past two nights.  I am back up to 30 minutes on the elliptical and plan to move up to 35-40 after my rest days this week.  I am afraid my legs are much to sore to try to push another 5-10 minutes now.  I also am going to set a goal to do 10 minutes on the dreaded arc trainer. If you don't know what this beast is..check out the picture and links below.  I asked youtube what it was and noone seemed to know but then on last weeks Biggest loser Bob shows it and mentions it.  It suppose to be better than the elliptical.  I remember doing 5 minutes on it a few weeks ago before I got serious about my weight loss and I was sore for two days lol. 

A few short term goals I have set for myself are:
10 pounds:  Dye my hair
20 pounds:  Buy myself a new pair of workout shoes
30 pounds:  Buy myself a new outfit & new workout outfit
40 pounds:  Get my hair done at a salon (it's been over 2 years)
50 pounds:  2 outfits & another worout outfit
70 pounds:  Redecorate my bedroom

I would like to be below 200 by the end of August so wish me luck.
Now to this weeks weigh in.
As you could tell in my previous post I had a rough week both emotionally and physically. I ended up eating out twice at a chinese buffet which was a disaster waiting to happen.  I worked out two days which was horrrible :( but I managed somehow to drop 4 pounds :) yayayay  That is a total loss of 8 pounds so far.

Thanks to anyone who is bored enough to sit and read my rambling and for all your support.

About the arc trainer:

Arc Trainer

Arc versus elliptical 2

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