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Friday, March 25, 2011

The hardest part

I fully believe the hardest part of a journey is getting started.  I feel like I have so far to go that I will never get there.  I am pretty hard on myself knowing two years ago I had gotten down to 235 and now I am 34 pounds heavier.  It seems like it takes forever.  I wish I could work out 6 or more hours a day to get the results contestants on the BL achieve but my body just seemsss to not be built that way.  I can't use the excuse of being old because many of them are older than me :\   I remember it took me nearly two weeks the last time to get in the full swing of things and for working out to become automatic.  I am still in the stage where I have to talk myself into working out. I mean once I am there and get going I am fine but boy getting on the machine is daunting. I did manage to do 30 minutes on the elliptical alternating between level 4 & 12. I walked on the treadmill 26 minutes at 2.4-2.9 and doing incline intervals.  I cannot walk fast. It feels like I am going to pass out and I have shin splints.  It sucks having it take 24.50 to do one mile. I see people doing 12 minute miles and I really don't see that happening any time soon lol.  I am using My fitness pal and it is helping me A LOT on counting the calories instead of "guessing" if I am eating ok.  I am still coming up with a plan on which day to weigh in and which day to take off. I know I normally do not like to take off on the day I weigh in because if I am up or the same I like to go vent on the machines.  I also really have only been doing cardio. I did go out and get a kettlebell (10 pounds) that really helped me firm up my arms and shoulders last time. I just sit around while I am doing nothing and lift it until I can't anymore.  I want to wait until the cardio is just a tad bit easier to add weights.  I plan too in about a week and a half.  One thing, is if anyone does read this I love to write so this blog will be pretty active. It may contain things emotionally that I am going through because as we all know this isn't just a physical journey.  Well until next time.


SW:  269
1st goal:  250 by May 1st
GW: 155

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